Ecstasy, Abundance & Bliss
Black Witchcraft 
 & Wizards of the Perfect Black 
In the tradition of  Our Illustrious Matriarch
Tituba The Black Witch of Salem...

​​ Black Witchcraft classes are offered women of color who want to understand the metaphysical nature of the Black Woman and how to utilize this lifeforce energy to manifest their desires on the physical plane

 $150  for the full course        or            weekly payments of $19


Black Witchcraft Self Study Guide

She who does not study will never master The Craft. The Black Witchcraft Self Study Guide will provide a foundation for your understanding of the Divine Feminine and further your connection with She Who Birthed the All.
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The Wizards of the Perfect Black course is presented to open the gateway to the Divine Masculine for the Black man and to show him how to gain access to power therein 

$200 for the full course    or        weekly payments of $25

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Black Witchcraft 2 is the next level in self development and advanced spellcasting . A four week course designed to enhance the work done in the first course

$95 for the course 

or weekly payments of  $25

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Wizards of the Perfect Black 2 is further exploration of the Divine Masculine including divine sexuality, invoking the deities and walking firmly in full self hood daily . It is a four week course 

Full course $115  

or a weekly subscription of  $30 

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