Ecstasy, Abundance & Bliss
Black Witchcraft Classes 
In the tradition of  Our Illustrious Matriarch
Tituba The Black Witch of Salem...

​​ Black Witchcraft classes are offered women of color who want to understand the metaphysical nature of the Black Woman and how to utilize this lifeforce energy to manifest their desires on the physical plane

...classes are $125  for the full course

$21 per weekly class



Black Witchcraft Self Study Guide

She who does not study will never master The Craft. The Black Witchcraft Self Study Guide will provide a foundation for your understanding of the Divine Feminine and further your connection with She Who Birthed the All.

Herbs for Black Witchcraft Total Body Detox
An herbal blend creating specifically for the cleansing of the body temple of the Afrikan female. The herbs are packaged in a convienient capsule form and include an instructional pamphlet on what to eat and what not to eat for optimum health....available for $50
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Yoni Eggs for Black Witchcraft
Your yoni (vagina & vulva) is your sacred seat , heal it and tone it with eggs crafted specifically for magick. Created using semi precious stones & crystals. Black Witchcraft students receive 20% discount using the code OMI22

Holistic Meal Planning & Nutritional Coaching
Relearn how to properly honor your body temple by eating correctly. Get personalized nutritional coaching & meal planning to assist you in achieving your healthy lifestyle goals

Yoni Detox Pearls 
A healthy yoni connects you to the universe effortlessly, a toxic yoni blocks your spirit. These handcrafted herbal suppositories cleanse, sweeten and heal your yoni naturally 
Black Witchcraft students receive a discount with the code 

Hand Crafted Custom Designed Black Witchcraft Amulet 

Witches don't wear jewelry but adorn ourselves with amulets. Connect with the global family of Black Witches by wearing your Triple Goddess Organite Amulet designed exclusively for Black Witchcraft students, amulets are $20 ordered via paypal, at  put Black Witches in your subject line. Please click the button below to see more examples on the designers facebook page